Aspirated Radiation Shield FAQs

What is the difference between the TS-100 and TS-110?
The TS-100 is a shield only model. The TS-110 includes a discounted, pre-installed ST-110 thermistor that provides ± 0.1 C uncertainty.
What size of a pipe does the shield mount to?
The shield is designed to hang from a standard IPS horizontal pipe ranging from 1.25 inch (32 mm) to 2 inch (51 mm) in diameter.
When should I turn down fan speed?
Testing done at Apogee Instruments in Logan, UT indicates that the fan speed can be reduced without affecting accuracy at night or at wind speeds greater than 3 m/s under full solar load.
Do I have to modulate the fan speed?
No, if all that is available is 12 V DC, then the TS-100 will work just fine.
How do the specifications for the TS-100 compare with RM Young/Met One?
Extensive testing with replicate shields over the past three years has shown the TS-100 compares favorably (+/- 0.02 C) to higher power aspirated shields from Met One and R.M. Young. For more information and to view the data, click here.
Does the TS-100 fit EPA regulations?
Yes it does. Please see the temperature line from the QA Handbook from the EPA.
What sensors will the shield accommodate?
The shield's sensor port is designed to easily accommodate combinations of thermistors, PRTs, and humidity probes by using one of our sensor port adaptor plugs. We currently stock port adaptors for Apogee models: ST-110 precision thermistor and Apogee ST-300 PRT, Campbell Scientific model CS215, Vaisala models: HMP110, HMP60, and HMP155, and Rotronic model HC2-S3. If you use a different probe, please contact us to discuss compatibility with a custom port adaptor. To view a technical drawing of sensor port adaptor options click here.