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For details on making absolute PPFD (PAR) measurements using your BTM3000 sensor, please refer to Underwater PAR Measurements.

BioTek Marine software is Windows compatible, XP and later; Mac compatible, 10.10 and later.

If your BTM3000 has a serial number less than 1430, click here for update instructions.

BTM3000 Software & Firmware Update Instructions

NOTE: Since this software is so new (created early February, 2015), we have been notified by people who received trust warnings from various antivirus programs, like Norton, upon installation. We are working to get the software on these company's "white-list" of safe programs, but this may take some time. In the meantime, most antivirus programs allow you to make an exception for this program. For the specific issue with Norton, please see the instructions posted here.

*The Biotech Marine BTM3000 is a private-label product manufactured by Apogee Instruments exclusively for Biotek Marine and distributed through Aquarium Specialty and other fine aquarium related retailers. Please contact Biotek Marine directly for support and reseller information.