Domestic No-Export Policy

This policy applies to all distributors, wholesalers, and retailers operating within the United States promoting, marketing, contracting, or selling products manufactured and/or marketed by Seachem Laboratories Inc. (referred to herein as “Seachem”) and covers distribution of Seachem Laboratories, Inc.’s products and brands including but not limited to Seachem, aquavitro, Jurassipet, Water Garden Oasis, AviPet and FurPet brands

It is the policy of Seachem Laboratories Inc. to not allow for the export of its products by U.S. companies into foreign markets at this time with the exception of North American Countries and associated territories including Canada, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, and the Bahamas. In many countries, importation of products without proper licensing, registration, or observation of appopriate customs and other local laws may result in civil or criminal penalties against the parties involved. Further, parties who export Seachem products outside the US without agreement of Seachem may incur liability to Seachem for fines, taxes, penalties, and other general and specific damages charged against Seachem by virtue of the parties’ unauthorized export activities.

Seachem reserves the right to manipulate, limit, and/or remove any discounts, price tiers, or other benefits conferred by Seachem upon downstream operators for any future sales as well as manipulate, limit, and/or discontinue supply of Seachem products to downstream operators in order to enforce this policy. Seachem also reserves the right to manipulate, limit, and/or restrict the use of its intellectual property, including copyrighted material, under all applicable laws in order to enforce this policy.

An exception to this policy may ONLY be granted expressly to a party through a written contractual agreement with Seachem Laboratories, Inc., for the purpose of serving a market that is not currently served by a local operator and/or Distributor, up until such time as that territory gains service from a local operator/Distributor. Any such agreement will require the party involved to comply with all local laws of the export jurisdiction as well as the U.S. and to further indemnify Seachem for liability related to non- compliance with those laws. In order to obtain an exception, a company must propose in writing to Seachem a specific foreign territory that it wishes to serve. NO blanket exceptions will be given.

NO exceptions will be granted for any of the following: Australia; New Zealand; Indonesia; Vietnam; South Korea; Phillipines; Taiwan; Thailand; Qatar; United Arab Emirates; Greece; Italy; Israel; Spain; Portugal; France; Poland; Ukraine; Russia; South Africa; United Kingdom; Ireland; Netherlands; Belgium; Argentina; Brazil; Chile; Mexico; Norway; Malta; Bahrain; India; Malaysia; Singapore; Hong Kong; Iceland; Columbia; Venezuela.

Adherence to this policy is an express condition of sale of our products. Seachem reserves the right to enforce compliance with this policy.